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In the streets of the capitol of the enslavement of man a killer hunts his prey that preys upon this land meticulous incision ripping through flesh scream deafen the assailant until the victim gurgles to the floor in the capitol city of enslavement a murderer a righteous killer extinguishes not so innocent life cleansing the streets of its stench the crimson sidewalk paints pictures of pain and progress stripped of its political whores the metropolis can thrive unhalted unoppressed and most of all sane the horror in the victim's eyes reflects the horror of his lies millions have suffered needlessly due to the whores insanity sociopathic madness is the reason for the absence of empathetic feelings which fuels the brutal killing spree occurring in these streets meticulous incisions ripping through flesh screams deafen the assailant until the victim gurgles to the floor


from The Roman Numeral For Ten, released April 20, 2012




Seize the Apparatus Springfield, Virginia

Seize the Apparatus is the collective efforts of Lance, John, Brian, Nick, and Cameron. Download the free "Designed to Fail EP" and our debut full-length CD "The Roman Numeral For Ten"

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