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Bring down the system let's burn it to the ground its goals are unachievable only meant to hold us down the profit from the bloodshed only aims to fuel more war a perpetual state of chaos rages from shore to shore numerous boundaries crossed for the sake of the bottom line blood is on their hands still they lie right to our face this system is designed to fail and we must stand against it the people are not up for sale you cannot win this system is designed to fail and then we shall be free hidden behind a thin veil why can’t they see an intervention this is an overdose from hell addicted to power and money fuels the need modern day slavery work for the bank not for yourself barely a life I'd rather pull the trigger and kill myself kill my fucking self this system is designed to fail the horrid victims of this abject failure buried in unmarked graves never to be seen again


from The Roman Numeral For Ten, released April 20, 2012




Seize the Apparatus Springfield, Virginia

Seize the Apparatus is the collective efforts of Lance, John, Brian, Nick, and Cameron. Download the free "Designed to Fail EP" and our debut full-length CD "The Roman Numeral For Ten"

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