A Wolf In Sheep's Clothing

from by Seize the Apparatus

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I saw goats sick starving goats screaming in agony screaming I saw goats sick starving goats screaming in agony screaming calling to hordes of sick and starving sheep millions led by fat shepherds to cliffs shepherds eating of their own some consuming their own bodies a fat sheep sits on a throne of other sheep's bones dining on shepherds a circular stair ascends to the gods guarded by thorns of emotion the fat sheep howls in laughter raising his cup to the sky he rests atop a pyramid of shepherds who rest atop a pyramid of dead so will they take my ass away for knowing the truth or will they haul us all away for never knowing and the sky was ablaze the earth an eternity of sand the few of us still surviving were bowed at the feet of the sheep they sit and wait for one of us to stray from the herd and giving in they listen to the words of the liar a wolf in sheep’s clothing a tragedy as old as time the wisdom that could have fucking saved you was lost in the black hole of your betrayal
the code of honor broken the void of silence filled with lies misdirection and betrayal my ears feel full of all your words with no meaning but still snitches sleep in ditches


from The Roman Numeral For Ten, released April 20, 2012




Seize the Apparatus Springfield, Virginia

Seize the Apparatus is the collective efforts of Lance, John, Brian, Nick, and Cameron. Download the free "Designed to Fail EP" and our debut full-length CD "The Roman Numeral For Ten"

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